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Guidelines for Prospective Authors

In order for a book or book idea to be considered for publication, please send the following to:

Milestone Press
c/o University of Georgia Press
Attn: Pat Allen/Submissions
Main Library, Third Floor
320 South Jackson Street
Athens, GA 30602

Cover Letter

Introduce yourself and your work


A self-addressed stamped envelope

Contact Info

Please include your address, phone number, and email.

A book proposal that includes the following:

  • The working title, the estimated length, and a brief description of the book
  • A list of chapter contents or a detailed outline
  • A brief overview of the market for your book and its existing competition (This may take some thorough work on your part)
  • Your qualifications as author, including information on any previously published books, articles, or other materials, or relevant professional experience
  • Two or three sample chapters, and an introduction if applicable; if you have a full manuscript, please send it
  • Any sample artwork (photos, illustrations, maps, etc.), if appropriate
  • Promotional ideas for sale of the book
  • Samples of previous work/s (if applicable)

Please do not submit works outside the outdoor adventure genre.

What to Expect

We do our best to respond promptly to all submissions. If your proposal is inappropriate for us, we’ll let you know within a few weeks. If we wish to consider your proposal further, you will hear from us in about 8 weeks, during which time we may request more information. If you have questions, please contact editor Pat Allen at 706-542-6004 or send an email to [email protected].

Please Note Frequently, self-publishers find it is more than they can handle to promote, distribute and reprint their books. Although we do not provide these services for self-publishers, we have acquired previously self-published works. If you have published a book you believe meets our standards and would like us to consider it, send it along with the above information as well as details on numbers printed and numbers sold.

These people eat. sleep, and breathe the outdoors. My book would not be the success it is today without their guidance, hard work, and eye for detail.

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