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The Pioneering Smooth Alder

On a sunny Sunday afternoon this week, taking a favorite walk along the edge of Lake Fontana, we again saw unexpected wildflowers in bloom. It took a sharp eye to notice them; their yellow-green, tinged-with-brown, elongated shapes blended right into…

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Adam and Eve

During January in the Blue Ridge, the year is still too new for blooming wildflowers. I’ve seen a few naturalized cultivated flowers showing their faces early—for instance, on a walk around Lake Junaluska last week a friend and I spied…

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Hiking Boot Heaven: Rest In Peace, Boot Hill

  All hikers know this scenario. You go through two or three pairs of hiking shoes or boots and then finally you find that pair that really, really works for you. You love them. They are AWESOME. You hike in…

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The Early Bird Bags the Peak

I admire people who get up early. In my opinion, they get to experience the best part of the day and can accomplish more by sun-up than other folks do by sun-down. I don’t always get up early, but when…

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Taking a Hike for a Good Cause

When I decided to hike to the top of Mount Crested Butte, I didn't expect to end up in the local paper. Sometimes you can do a lot more than just hike when you climb a mountain. My recent visit…

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