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Trail Volunteers in Action at Tsali

When mountain biking first came on the scene in the southeastern United States back in the late 1980's, people could ride their bikes on almost any trail. Seeing a cyclist on a “foot-only” trail was a novelty for most people. As…

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25 Years. More Than 10,000 Adventure Trail Miles.

This week marks 25 years since we opened our publishing doors in 1991. That made us wonder: Just how many miles of adventure trails have we covered in our guidebooks over the years? A deep dive into our database yields some numbers we think…

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Milestone Press Donates Map Proceeds for Tsali Trails

When Milestone Press published Jim Parham's new Tsali Trails Map on April 1 of this year, we pledged to donate a portion of the proceeds toward maintenance of Tsali's trails. This week, we made our first donation from sales of the map, which covers…

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Hawk Hagebak & His Classic Motorcycle Guidebooks

Our friend Hawk Hagebak Hawk hails from Atlanta, and his love for the Southern Appalachians brings him and his motorcycle our way every once in a while. Hawk stopped by recently, this time with his wife Lisa and their 16-year-old daughter, Annabelle. They were…

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An Hour Before Sunrise

Over the course of a year, I spend a lot of time in the backcountry. Many a night I'm sleeping on the ground or suspended between two trees in my hammock. I love it, and I swear it’s much better…

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Wildflower Touring on a Bicycle

When we think about a wildflower outing, we tend to think about an excursion on foot, walking a woodland trail in search of, perhaps, a specific species that's known to bloom at a certain time. But how many of us…

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