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A Motorcycle Touring Classic, Revised & Expanded

One thing we know is true: the minute you publish a touring guidebook with information on attractions and amenities, that information will change. Even if the routes remain the same, a restaurant will be sold and reopen as a gift shop, a…

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The Joys of Hiking—With an Infant

Not long after he became a hiking guidebook author, Jonah McDonald became a parent. Here's his account of how having a newborn changed his hiking life--and didn't. Before she was born, I didn't believe what people told me. Everyone assured me my…

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Hiking South Carolina’s Foothills Trail

It's always an exciting to announce a new guidebook. After months of writing, editing, and design work, the finished product arrives from the printer and the  information within is available to adventurers everywhere. Spring is here! A new guidebook is just one more…

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