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25 Years. More Than 10,000 Adventure Trail Miles.

This week marks 25 years since we opened our publishing doors in 1991. That made us wonder: Just how many miles of adventure trails have we covered in our guidebooks over the years? A deep dive into our database yields some numbers we think are impressive. All together, Milestone Press books contain 11,631 miles of routes into the backcountry, either on foot or on two wheels. These miles, nearly all on public land, are documented on 1,284 route maps—nearly 500 of which include directions to trailheads—and in more than 14,000 photographs.JimTakesNotes

Milestone Press titles have always aimed to offer something special. Rather than simply listing trails, they go the extra mile and do preliminary legwork for the reader, building and describing recommended routes to unique destinations in the mountains of North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee. Illustrated with Jim Parham’s simple and clear maps, they provide some of the best adventure guidance available, and they represent a body of adventure content on this region that may be unrivaled in the industry. Whether you’re looking for a specific trail, access to a particular waterfall, the perfect backpacking overnight, or simply the best adventure route from A to B in a certain area of the Southern Appalachians, chances are it’s in one of our guidebooks.

  • Hiking
    2,811 trail miles, 465 route maps, 450 trailheads, 402 trailhead maps
  • Mountain Biking
    2,212 trail miles, 132 route maps, 151 trailheads, 90 trailhead maps
  • Road Biking
    1,794 road miles, 57 route maps
  • Motorcycling
    4,814 route miles, 78 route maps
  • 458 Elevation Profiles
  • 111 Public Lands
    5 National Forests
    6 National Parks
    100 City, County, and State Parks







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